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Waukegan’s first comic book convention will take place on October 17. Due to issues regarding the pandemic, it is to be a virtual event only. You can buy a ticket below,

Every ticket you buy earns you a chance to win a ticket for an autographed Ray Bradbury graphic novel (see below)! Furthermore, you will be granted access to videos about the man himself that will be posted on October 17th. You will see interviews with people who have written books about him, presentations on different aspects of his career, a walk through his childhood in Waukegan, and more! Leonard Nimoy even makes an appearance! All proceeds to benefit the Ray Bradbury Experience Museum!

New content for Wauke-con

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I just did a Zoom interview with two men, a father and son team, David and Daniel Ritter. This pair have compiled an excellent book, The Earliest Bradbury, which documents Ray Bradbury’s early writing career from age 17 to about 21. In those days young Bradbury wrote primarily for a variety of mimeographed sci-fi zines, the facsimiles of which can be seen in this book. Their book also has an impressive amount of original artwork. The interview will be available to those who buy a ticket to Wauke-con and available on Oct. 17. Meanwhile, you can check out their site below:

The Earliest Bradbury


The Making of “The Earliest Bradbury”

Win an autographed Bradbury graphic novel!

When you a buy a ticket to Wauke-con you earn a chance to win a free autographed copy of a Ray Bradbury graphic novel, signed by the man himself!

Get a sneak peak at Creating a Classic: Ray Bradbury Writes Fahrenheit 451

During Wauke-Con you will be able to see a presentation I gave at San Diego Comic-Con called “Creating a classic: Ray Bradbury Writes Fahrenheit 451.” You can see a sneak peak here:

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